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The Guns of Common Sense

What should have been a typical Sunday morning church service in Sutherland Springs Texas last weekend, ended in tragedy.  The shooter, a troubled person, took his own life and the lives of 23 victims.  Again we find ourselves at a … Continue reading

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Ecstasis; Go with the Flow

Spoiler Warning:  I’m completely sane 😜 I recently read Stealing Fire, by Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal. I compliment them and on the outline of research by the Flow Genome Project and extended research by the US Military.  I found … Continue reading

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Free Spirit

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Flag of my Father

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The recent protest during the National Anthem by NFL players “taking a knee” was brought to my attention during last year’s football season. This protest occurred again at a preseason game and has continued to grow. As an analyst, I … Continue reading

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Protected: Hanging On and Letting Go

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Atheism Vs. Spiritual Development; God will not negotiate his end game

This gallery contains 1 photo. Recently this site came up in my news feeds, reposted/shared/liked by someone I care about. I thought about dismissing it, but thought better of that. I comment here because it seems important to open dialog and discussions about atheism … Continue reading

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Change is hard, or so they say.  I think most of us would say we’ve changed, but deep down when you get to the core, we really change very little over time.  Sigmund Freud proclaimed our personality to be set … Continue reading

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Fleeting Thoughts

I read a blog post this morning that inspired me to post in response. There are certain subjects that become taboo and customs we take on because we feel we might offend someone or make them uncomfortable within society. … Continue reading

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When in Doubt Dance it Out

BEST dance scenes from Grey’s Anatomy thus far.  When in doubt…dance it out 🙂

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The Lord Loves A Gracious Heart

The idea of giving without expectation has recently been suggested to me.  My son actually suggested that I live my life without any expectations, stating I am too goal orientated.  He claims that he lives his life this way because … Continue reading

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