Emotional Intelligence

I’ve spent the bulk of my career studying EQ. EQ is an acronym that stands for Emotional Quotient. The definition of this term is basically a person’s measure of emotional intelligence. If you look this up you’ll get various theories and perspectives. My personal theory is that emotional intelligence is a higher order of thinking, in which an individual cares about how their behavior influences the feelings of another person. Increased levels of emotional intelligence cause individuals to change or modify their behavior, to meet the emotional needs of another person. This differs from Theory of Mind (TOM) in which an individual can foresee the thoughts and intentions of another person, in that although they “see their mind,” using TOM skills, they may not change their behavior to meet the other persons needs, take perspective, or feeling empathy. Psychopathic minds often have increased levels of TOM in knowing the thoughts and intentions of another, but they lack emotional intelligence to change their behavior to meet the emotional needs of another person. Obviously this is my own unproven hypothesis, but I derive this from the many observations I’ve made of young children. Further more, I believe this is a skill that, if develops at all, is well developed by the age of 18 months. Stay tuned as my research progresses 🙂

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Protected: Saints Really are Just Ordinary People

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When in Doubt Dance it Out

BEST dance scenes from Grey’s Anatomy thus far.  When in doubt…dance it out 🙂

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The Lord Loves A Gracious Heart

The idea of giving without expectation has recently been suggested to me.  My son actually suggested that I live my life without any expectations, stating I am too goal orientated.  He claims that he lives his life this way because … Continue reading

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Pope Controversy…Seriously?

After reading many of the comments and listening to the thoughts of other Catholics reaction’s to Pope Francis’s comments on Gay lobbing, I am completely confused. As Christian’s we are challenged to live and proclaim the word of Jesus Christ. I thought everyone knew Christ came for one reason, to provide us with an option for everlasting life. Within this option, he gave us free will. Free will is the right to choose sin over life. What I heard Pope Francis say in his proclamation of, “Who am I to Judge?,” was, “Free will is given and judged by God alone.” If God gave us the right to choose sin over life with free will, in his statement Pope Francis is doing the same.

Politics aside, as Christians we are challenged to simply be Christian, accepting and loving one another in our humanness. Human beings sin. The hope is to bring those that sin back to a relationship with Christ through Christian works and faith communities. If we are to become so rigid that we are no longer Christians in loving others as God has loved us, then maybe we should evaluate our approach to our own faith, not the Pope’s. The fact that what the Pope said has become a critical issue in our society, speaks to how far we have come. However, the bashing the Pope has taken from other Catholic’s, the media, and Christian’s all over the world, speaks to how far we have to go on this journey of faith.

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Thoughtful Notes and Creative Quotes


Hello World 🙂  It’s me, the “real Madonna,” messy with just the right amount of neat.  This page will be dedicated to my notes and quotes as they occur to me randomly.  Stay tuned 😀

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