This page is dedicated to my husband and the profession of agronomy, to aid in an awareness and understanding of this field.  I wrote this appreciation note for the Crop Production Employee Appreciation Outing, hosted by the Lakefield location at Okoboji Iowa the summer of 2013.  This appreciation extends from my husband and I, to his employees and all those involved in crop production that have touched our lives.  We understand and appreciate all that you do!

What is an agronomist…I am an agronomist

I support the progress of my profession to fuel and feed a global economy

I am passionate about issues such as biodiversity and world hunger

This means I care about feeding the 854 million undernourished people of the world

And I support my science in the development of bio-energy

I feel a responsibility for the families I work for and those that work for me

I carry the burden of protecting the environment for future generations

While balancing an increase in crop production capable of promoting a healthy economy

I aspire to produce markets capable of supporting an increase in jobs, and a decrease in poverty

I understand the historical, economic, and political world problems creating poverty

I do my part to decrease hunger caused by lack of fertile land and resources to grow food

I respect the ecosystem and the environmental balance needed to support human beings

I use my skills and knowledge to recognize and problem solve agricultural issues affecting all

I am an advocate, always learning and sharing information affecting the agricultural profession

I work in partnership with family farmers increasing their yields

I share my mission with them and anyone interested in agronomy

Like them, I rise before the grain is poured into your bowl…

And often return home long after my family prays grace and breaks bread

I harbor no resentment; loyal, humble, and committed to God’s country

I understand that what I do, is bigger than myself

My biggest reward, when brown dirt becomes rich organic soil…

And the green of summer becomes the golden colors of harvest.

To my best friend and partner in life…for the record…I “get it.”

By Madonna Thiner Kellen


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