The Guns of Common Sense

What should have been a typical Sunday morning church service in Sutherland Springs Texas last weekend, ended in tragedy.  The shooter, a troubled person, took his own life and the lives of 23 victims.  Again we find ourselves at a junction of attempting to make sense of an illogical and senseless act.  Laws and freedoms collide, attempting to problem solve and bring an end to these repetative  ludicrist acts.  We shake our heads and send questions to the heavens for God’s sake.

Is there any common sense in non-military citizens of the United States carrying military style weapons, many of which are designed to spray repetitive ammo, for their “recreational” use?  Also, is their any common sense in people living in populated areas being licensed to “carry” them there?  Last time I checked people aren’t hunting in populated areas, unless sadly they are hunting people, which is quite literally the problem.  Maybe gun control is about geographically appropriate areas to carry.  We don’t drop test bombs in populated areas, nor should we allow the sum of bombs, a military style armed unwell individual, loose inside our cities.  Maybe gun control like most of our amendmen rights, aren’t about gun control at all, but about gun sense.

Trump recently said that Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws of any communities in the United States, but you are still able to license these weapons within the confines of city limits.  Hence, they continue to have high crime rates.  Nothing changes when guns and people are put in close proximity.

While I get that these people aren’t showing up at Cabela’s to buy guns, where ever this weapon trail is coming from, needs to be tightened.  Perceptually we are supposed to be doing this, but we are obviously not doing it well.  We don’t need to get the guns, we actually need to get some control over them.  We also have personal responsibility. Teach our children to respect weapons.  Encourage others to use them responsibly.  Be models of what appropriate gun use looks like as my father was to me.

I appreciate the patriotic right to license and carry a weapon.  I appreciate, and support passionately, the appropriate use of weapons for recreational hunting in rural areas and gun ranges.  Realistically knowing the patriots of rural areas, knowing history could repeat it’s self, there are guns that will never be “gotten.” I know too that these patriots are not part of the problem.

However, I also think the commercialism of having more, bigger, powerful, faster guns is quite literally killing us.  Overall it’s an American problem in capitalism that has created a mentality, spilling over from super sizing french fries to Halloween candy.  Every time we are given a right or a blessing, our lack of self control in utilizing moderation comes back to bite us in the ass.  There is nothing wrong with french fries once in a while, or Halloween candy, but order too many, too often, too big, and you have heart disease; which kills people.  Well, guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people.

What I have always thought about this problem was reiterated this morning by Tim McGraw.  ‪A shout out to the McGraw’s.  Thank you!  Finally someone who gets it.  NRA: ‘It’s Not About the Second Amendment’ via @people‬

I want to extend my deepest condolences to the families of the baptist church shooting and those wounded; both by guns and the experience overall.  May you find peace in knowing your loved ones are now angel warriors of Christ.  May you find strength in their memory.

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